Christopher Brereton

Fractional Leader & Early Stage Investor

Fractional Leader, Advisor, Coach, and Early Stage Investor.

I strive to blur the lines between fun, creativity, curiosity, and value creation. Entrepreneurs and leaders engage my advisory practice for help with…

  • Establishing, operating, and scaling meaningful businesses (with a heavy emphasis on software being a critical enabler)

  • Defining valuable product strategies, teams, and processes/ops

  • Coaching and mentorship for themselves or leaders on their teams to build resilient and impactful cultures 

    I also invest in early stage startups in healthcare, climate, and digital infrastructure.

Current Clients


MARA - Marathon Digital Holdings

MARA is a global leader in leveraging digital asset compute to support the energy transformation.

I'm currently leading product for the Utility Scale Mining Operations business unit.


Fractional Product Leader


Energy Management Systems - Utility Scale Mining Operations



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Early Stage Investor

MOHARA Ventures

Empowering founders with transformative capital and at-cost product development to rapidly turn their visions into scalable businesses.

Through our venture fund and product development services, we seek to advance society by empowering exceptional entrepreneurs to bring great ideas to life through technology to impact millions of lives.

We’re inspired by the entrepreneurs and operators who are focused on solving problems that advance the health of people and the planet. These people understand that by creating value for their customers and their teams first, that they will create outsized returns for themselves and their stakeholders.


Head of Innovation & Investments for the US


Healthcare, Climate & Digital Infrastructure



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I’m Chris - I strive to support entrepreneurs in building meaningful businesses, teams, and products. I also invest in early stage software companies.

Through my advisory practice, we work to create valuable outcomes for leaders who seek to build meaningful businesses. This can come in the form of strategy, product development, operations, culture, and community.

My Niche

  • Early Stage Founders and Leaders with strong founder/market fit - industry experts

  • Product Strategy, Design, Development, and Operations 

  • Leadership & Culture Coaching Development 

4 Ways to Engage Me

  • Fractional Leadership: I’ll serve as a fractional executive, part time, for anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to help you build your business 

  • Advisory: I’ll serve in a limited availability capacity, where we’ll meet regularly to dig in on what’s most important and I’ll empower you with advice, a network, and tools to execute

  • Coaching: I’ll serve in more of a macro focused capacity to help you see yourself and your business from new perspectives and help you work through the challenges by guiding you to resolutions and emotional support vs solving problems directly. 

  • Investing: I invest capital in early stage software companies in healthcare, climate, and digital infrastructure.